About Us

Unlike most travel and tourism companies, Elegance Travel grew from the hotel industry. Our travel team behind the company has unrivaled knowledge and experience spanning more than 10 years throughout Vietnam and SE Asia.

What makes us different to other travel companies? Why are we so confident in our service?

Elegance Travel is part of the Elegance Hotel group, one of Vietnam’s (especially Hanoi) leading hotel groups. The Elegance Group was probably one of the first, if not the first, to set the standards of quality and customer service within Hanoi’s boutique hotel industry since the end of the 1990s, which other hotels now try to aspire to. From Hanoi to Hoian and soon to Phu Quoc the Elegance group is fast covering the key areas of Vietnam.

And it is with this same passion and pride in, and high quality of, our customer service, which is the foundation of Elegance Travel.

Unique knowledge. Our team has been arranging tours, originally for our hotel guests (and now for anyone) for more than 10 years. We know everyone is different. We have built up a wealth of knowledge through our daily interaction with hotel guests. This has provided invaluable insights and feedback regarding what people want out of travel. What their thoughts are, what their dreams are, their negative and positive feedback on travel within Vietnam and SE Asia, and how to solve any travel problems. And in so doing travelers share their experiences and stories with us which has expanded our insight and understanding in ways that other tour companies may not have. We sit and talk to our guests and really understand what goes into making a truly memorable trip. And in so doing the knowledge of Elegance Travel has grown.

Our people. It goes without saying that our team of travel experts have been trained by the Elegance Group. We have top class customer service, excellent language skills and good communication. Our people are genuinely interested in each and every traveller who books a tour with us.

Resource. The Vietnam hotel database is at our finger tips in Vietnam. Just because Elegance Travel is part of the Elegance Group you can stay in any hotel you choose. We promise you we never give special priority to, or push for, the Elegance hotels. But our obvious hotel experience of knowing what is a good or bad hotel will be invaluable for you when choosing hotels. So please ask our advice and we can make any booking at any hotel for you. Similarly you can book one of the Elegance Hotels through us be will never pressurize you into taking one of our tours. You are free to pick and choose.

Similarly we have a great network of tour guides experienced in group and individual travel and we can try to match the tour guide that bests suites you as a person and what you want out of your trip.

The resource at our finger tips also extends to all other areas of travel from cars, mini buses, booking train, planes, boats, motorbike tours etc. to the best places to eat, the best things to do, the best things to photograph.

Our service. Travel teaches everyone about the world and about oneself. We want you to feel comfortable on your tour with us and at the same time experience the local insight as you interact with the places you visit and people you meet. Discover something new every day. Understand new cultures. And come back to your home country with wonderful memories. Tell us what you need and we will do our best to provide it. Whether you are traveling as a small group or on an independent tour or just want to use us for advice and consultation, we pride ourselves on being all things to everyone.