La Spa

Welcome to La Spa – The Secret of Relaxation! 

Nearly 10 years has passed since the first hotel spa branch opened. Now the business has grown into a mature spa and wellness operation, with many branches, on a pioneering mission to apply world-class standards to Vietnam’s spa industry.

La Spa is ready to surprise you with the meticulous care taken, the focus on the smallest of details, a spotlessly clean environment and a refined high-end service.

We are proud not just because of an increasing client base, our reputation, quality service and processes, but because of our staff. Our team is incredibly proud, enthusiastic and extremely dedicated to the business. We believe a happy contented people is what creates a ‘happy’ service. To this end, one of La Spa’s core values is caring for every single Spa employee.

BRANCH 1: La Spa Lo Su
Add: 2nd floor of La Siesta Diamond Hotel & Spa hotel at 32 Lo Su Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam 
Tel: +84 24 3935 1632

BRANCH 2: La Spa Ma May
Add: 3rd floor of Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa at 94 Ma May Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam 
Tel: +84 24 3926 3642

BRANCH 3: La Spa Nguyen Quang Bich
Add: 10 Nguyen Quang Bich street, Old Quarter, Hanoi
Tel: +84 24 3923 4026

BRANCH 4: La Spa Cau Go
Add: 1 Cau Go street, Old Quarter, Hanoi
Tel: +84 24 3935 1632

BRANCH 5: La Spa Hang Be
Add: 27 Hang Be street, Old Quarter, Hanoi
Tel:+84 24 3929 0011

La Spa Hoi An
Add: No. 132 Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Vietnam
Tel: +84 235 3 915 915