Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon

“Nha Tho Duc Ba Sai Gon” which is known as Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon has an official name as Immaculate Conception Cathedral Basilica in English...
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The Independence Palace

The Independence Palace, also known as the Reunification Palace, is in the center of District 1 The Palace, a landmark in Ho Chi Minh City,...
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The Mekong River

The Mekong River is the longest river in Southeast Asia. The river has a length of approximately 4,900 km, flowing from its source on the...
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Tips for travelling in Vietnam

No doubt about it, Southeast Asia is one of the top choices for travelers. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, and cheap food and accommodations make it...
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Timeless Hoi An

Visiting the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site of Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam Province is like stepping back in time to a bygone...
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Wells and Noodles

Out of around 80 ancient wells in Hoi An, the square mouthed Ba Le Well is the most legendary and as one would expect, many...
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Hoi An’s Japanese covered bridge – linking cultures

One of the most iconic and recognisable symbols of Hoi An is the majestic Japanese covered bridge. The 16th century construction arches over a small...
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F&B promotions – Summer is coming (May-June 2018)

EHG’s restaurants and bars have a great selection of food and beverage offers to quench one thirst and tempt the taste buds as we head...
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The ultimate meals on wheels

The age-old industry of street vending exists in virtually every city around the world and Hanoi is no exception. Street vending has existed here since...
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The art of Vietnamese water puppetry

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Hanoi is the iconic Water Puppets Show, or Mua Roi Nuoc in Vietnamese, meaning, “making puppets dance...
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Why Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s top destinations?

For visitors to Vietnam one of their must-see destinations is the ancient, picturesque town of Hoi An, the translation of which is “peaceful meeting place”....
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A new year, a new beginning

Governed by tradition, taboos and legends, Tet Nguyen Dan (Tet) welcomes the Lunar New Year and spring’s arrival.  It is Vietnam’s most important festival and...
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