Peaceful waters and white sand

Vietnam is blessed with over 3,000km of coastline and countless beaches from top to toe. Some say the latter have long been one of the...
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Top 7 souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

 The top 7 souvenirs to buy in Vietnam, whether you are on holidays or on a business trip. Apart from the joy of discovering a...
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Christmas in Hoi An – ’tis the season

The magic of the Christmas season isn’t far away, and both children and adults alike are anticipating the festive events of the holiday season in...
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Welcoming Christmas and New Year like a local

Vietnam, in the eyes of foreigners who know the country well, is a nation that loves to party and celebrate whatever the occasion. Not only...
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Bay Mau, coconut forest eco-tour – a trip through the palms

One of the main attractions of Hoi An is the opportunity to experience lush, rich greenery and nature so close to the bustling hub of...
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A snapshot of what to see and do

Here at La Siesta Resort and Spa our travel desk will be delighted to arrange private or group tours for our guests to places of...
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The karaoke craze

A well-known global word is a loan word from Japan, where this phenomenon was invented. Karaoke combines 'kara' from the Japanese word 'Karappo' meaning empty...
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Tet Trung Thu mid-autumn festival – celebrating the harvest

Hoi An is a town known for its festivals, and on Wednesday, October 4, visitors can experience one of the largest and most important festivals...
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Hang Ma Street, the heart of the mid-Autumn Festival

Tet Trung Thu, mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, combines many rituals, customs and legends. It also goes by the names of mid-Autumn Moon Festival or Children’s...
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Figure-hugging elegance and style

Chiếc áo quê hương dáng thướt tha Non sông gấm vóc mở đôi tà Tà bên Đông Hải lung linh sóng Tà phía Trường Sơn rực rỡ hoa Vạt...
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First bronze then rice

Bronze, one of the earliest types of metal, is an alloy of copper mixed usually with a smaller quantity of tin. About 3,000 BC it...
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One language, two scripts

For over 1,000 years from 111 BC to 938 AD Vietnam was under Chinese rule. Where language was concerned, only the educated elite could read...
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