Powerful Hoi An architecture and luxurious interiors

The majestic, enchanting and superior color yellow is one of the most uplifting colors of the spectrum. Visitors to Hoi An won’t be surprised to learn that a nickname given to the town is ‘Yellow City’ of Vietnam, while according to local Hoi An resident and French photographer Réhahn, Hoi An is always wrapped in sunshine.

Hoi An, translated as “peaceful meeting place”, is an exceptionally well preserved community. Its ancient houses, tight yellow ochre terraces bathed in light, moss covered walls, sloping roofs, verandas, balconies and wooden balustrades speak of an impressive historical and cultural legacy.

This former wealthy trading port, dating from the 15th to 19th centuries and honored in 1999 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to nearly 1,000 ancient buildings and charming architectural glory.

Being at a cultural crossroads linking Cham, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and French influences, Hoi An embodies an exclusively unique architectural style where East meets West. A style not really seen elsewhere in Vietnam.

La Siesta Resort & Spa embodies a powerful reflection of Hoi An’s unique blend of influences, style and colors. The new east wing can be imagined as an extension and combination of the ancient town’s architectural splendor and prosperous past.

Eight majestic sunshine-yellow townhouse villas, grouped into tight terraces, are bathed in light from early morning to dusk – a wash which strengthens the depth of the yellow-hued walls. First floor suites with front porches and backs opening onto gardens – a layout hinting at the homes of former merchants and officers in colonial times which had front decks and inner living spaces leading to back yards.

Let your eye wander upwards to the rows of wooden balconies, passageways connected by arches and traditional Hoi An-style narrow wooden doorways – a reflection of the town’s colonnaded houses with dark wooden balustrades and verandas.

The east wing façade is symmetrically bewitching in style, just as its ancient town counterpart. Quintessential deep pitched roofs with yin yang red-brown tiles epitomize the Chinese influence. Corridors, terraces and verandas give shade from the sun and create a cooling airflow effect, just as the 1920s-40s French architecture was adapted to Hoi An weather’s and environment. An imposing east wing style at home with harmony and nature, cool in the summer and cozy in the cooler months.

Just as the old town has a powerfully unique style reflecting east and west cultures, so La Siesta Resort & Spa combines Hoi An architecture with luxurious and appealing beautiful interiors. Cool rooms versus the brightness and heat of the outside. A palette of whites, pale biscuit colors contrast with dark browns, dusty grey blues and sage greens creates a timeless calming environment and a touch of class. Highly polished dark wooden floors add depth. Vintage geometric patterned floor and wall tiles, adopting the interior color palette blend perfectly in style. Light streams through the windows framed by soft drapes in taupe colors. High quality period-style furniture creates a combined neo-classical and French colonial interior design concept. Pieces that may be hint at styles of Sheraton and Hepplewhite furniture contrast with Asian elements. High quality white soft linens, upmarket amenities and high end accessories add luxurious touches.

What is strikingly evident in the design is the exacting precision of every element. Each has its place. There is no clutter or over indulgence. The effect created is simple, minimal and very sophisticated. As the saying goes, ‘less is more’.

The east wing is a balance of Hoi An’s glorious architectural heritage and stately interior comfort affording everyone a touch of luxury.

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